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Where is Your Business Now?

If you haven’t opened the doors of your business yet, you’re in luck! The best time to put procedures in place and build good habits are before you have a chance to learn the wrong way.

Let Cuvée assist with marketing plans, brand development, social media strategies, set up attainable goals, and get your started off on the right path to success.

The doors are open, you have customers, but now are wondering if you did it right and what you can do to streamline the work. Sound like you?

Services like secret shopping can give you a wonderful insight to your team, efficiencies, and ways to improve. Getting all the engagement you want on social? If not, let’s take a look under the hood at your analytics. Brand consistency is crucial at this stage in your business too. We can do all this and more! Let us know where you’re struggling with time, resources, and/or money so we can maximize this for you.

If you have been open more than 3-5 years, you know what it takes to succeed. But, have you become complacent and others are passing you up in popularity? Staying relevant and part of the conversation takes work.

Let’s talk about ways to refresh your brand, update your website, come out with something new and retain your current customers, while recruiting other new raving fans!

Cuvée’s coaching can be as little or much as you need. Fresh eyes and new ideas can easily be implemented by a staff member, or the work can be handled for you.


What is the voice of your brand saying to customers? With so many platforms and ever-changing best practices, let us help you stay front and center with your followers.

Cuvée Marketing is knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the marketing process. We will help you identify target markets and position your product in a way that will make people want to buy it.

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers. What message are you sending? What are your customers trying to tell you? Communicating the value of your product or service is a key aspect of marketing.

Is your brand easily recognizable? Does it stand out among your competition? Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail, or B2B. Make sure your brand tells the story you want to convey and attracts the customers you want. Let us help you establish your brand!

Your business is only successful if the money is flowing in so you can remain in business. Getting the word out is an essential part of gaining and retaining customers. Cuvée Marketing can help you utilize the right mix of advertising to help your business grow and thrive, including digital advertising, influencer marketing, events, and traditional methods like print, radio, tv, and billboards.

Businesses today are taking advantage of small and large events to draw customers in. The goal might be awareness of a particular new business, or to reward loyal customers. Events that are unique, well planned out, organized, and leave people wanting more are worth the effort. With events from 15-750 people, Cuvee Marketing can do everything from strategy and planning, to live social media coverage and full event execution.


Rebecca Wilkie

Over 20 years of marketing, advertising and social media experience for numerous international and domestically-known beverage companies. Progressive experience in all facets of account management, marketing, advertising, content creation, sales, creative services, public relations, website design, and event planning make for some interesting stories around a dinner or conference table.

Company Values

We proudly declare what matters most in this company:
Creativity, Compassion, Loyalty, Respect, and Trust.

It is our commitment to clients, how we work with each other, and the values we protect within ourselves and extend to our communities.

Cuvee Marketing Brand Values


Robert Mondavi Winery, Constellation Wine, Placer Wine Trail, Folio Fine Wine Partners, Leblon Cachaca, DIAGEO, Trellis Wine Group, m2 wines, Heritage Oak, Lincoln Wine Fest, Gander Taphouse, Loomis Basin Brewing, and many more!
*Includes past and present clients.


Did you know? Facebook and Google bring in more in advertising than every other newspaper in the world?

Their ad revenue tops over $117B, more than every newspaper, magazine, and radio network in the world combinedInc. reported.

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74% of people who actively follow restaurant brands on social say they’re more likely to visit those establishments. –UPSHOW

Rebecca’s marketing skills combined with her knowledge of and passion for wine and the wine industry make a great combination that’s hard to find anywhere else! She also has great taste and keeps up with current marketing trends – plus, she’s fun to work with!

—Jocelyn Maddux, Founder, Sac Wine and Ale Trail and Board Member, Placer County Vintners Association

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Event Management

Mini Lincoln Wine Fest 2020

Lincoln Wine Fest 2022

Sip Into Spring 2018
Placer Wine Trail

Holidays in the Hills 2018
Placer Wine Trail

Grape Days of Summer 2017
Placer Wine Trail

Wide Open Walls Wrap Party


Gander Taphouse

Annual Oktoberfest
Loomis Basin Brewing

Placer County Rocks
Loomis Basin Brewery

Making Your Mark Contest
Power Inn Alliance

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    “Rebecca has proven to be a valued partner who willingly initiates and supports the overall objectives. Working with Rebecca is a delight, she is inventive, flexible, and accountable. We rely on her social media knowledge, marketing/PR and organizational skills. Her suggestions have been spot on and led to even greater results and customer satisfaction.”

    —Joann Hilton, Lincoln Rotary’s Chair of the Lincoln Wine Fest