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What Values Do You Value?

What Values Do You Value?
January 14, 2021 Rebecca

This Business is Based on Values

People Know Where We Stand. Or, Do They?

Whether they are called values, tenets, pillars, or something else, a random collection of a couple adjectives, verbs, and adverbs are a part of what makes a business a values-driven business. We are a values-driven business! All the work, communication, and decisions are based on these sacred words that we built this company on. In the opposite way, being results-driven and deviation on these ingrained qualities only does harm and steers away from the true mission and purpose of the company. This doesn’t mean that we don’t like results, it just doesn’t rule us. If we do the work as promised, within the values of the company, then there is a good possibility of a positive outcome and results.

Let me ask you? Do you have your business values posted and do your employees know what they are? Until recently, ours wasn’t posted or shared with our clients. How are they supposed to know what it will be like to work with us? We do the necessary work to get a business running but never take time to go back and reflect on what is of most importance.

Cuvee Marketing Brand Values

Brand values for Cuvee Marketing include Creativity, Compassion, Loyalty, Respect, and Trust.

Defining Your Values

After being challenged by my new favorite person, Jennifer Kem, she asked our group to do some exercises. Let me tell you, I would rather do real exercises with all the sweat. These exercises hurt my brain, heart, and thesaurus. We were asked to create a pledge for ourselves using an outline given to us. That was not easy! Trying to find words to describe who I am, who I strive to be, and what I’m doing for myself and others NOW was hard. But it was worth it. Pushing through the icky stuff to get to where we need to be allows us to focus on what truly matters.

We signed a Pro Pledge for what we are committing to. When it says, “I will do the hard things first…” you know it is going to be full of empowering and make you do the work. It is signed, dated, and committed for becoming the best version of myself I can be. We didn’t say perfect, but This is Me!

The next day we had to write down 5 values for our business. I already had a list and it was interesting to go back through and see if anything changed since I did them last (which was in July 2020) and they had not. Not even during a pandemic. These are the values for Cuvée Marketing: Creative, Compassion, Loyalty, Respect, and Trust.

This is when I thought we were done. Nope! Today, and I wanted to write this while it was still so raw, was a very reflective day. We were asked to write down our voids and violations in our lives. Who wants to relive the past, connect the dots to why we are the way we are sometimes, and push through some painful memories or experiences? Not me! But it is those days, seasons, and lessons that mold who we are and the values we hold dear. They are just as important as our vision and values! But, we can’t be stuck because of them, or wounded by them either.

My Personal Pledge

Those violations and voids in our life absolutely shaped who I am, and you too. Are you stuck hurting from them or do they fuel you? I’m typically a private person, but my personal pledge is something I am really proud of because of those scars, hard days, and tough lessons. I can now publicly say, “I am a creative, resilient, cheerful leader daringly determined to elevating myself and others now!” Insert a finger snap for me, here like my friends in the Club.

Oh, it is Happening!

Cuvée Marketing has been playing it safe. We haven’t done a good job to be seen, heard, or paid recently. And, that is all about to change. It is going down! We hope you come along for the ride, enjoy the journey together, and we can provide value to you along the way. Cheers!

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