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Looking Through a Creative Lens

Looking Through a Creative Lens
December 1, 2020 Rebecca

How to Increase Your Sales and Gain New Customers

Sometimes All You Need is a New Perspective

Are you doing what everyone else is, and still hoping or expecting to get noticed? Wishful thinking! Time to look at your business through a new lens.

If a new customer wants to find you, in a sea (or ocean) of other businesses, how do you stand out? What would cause your ideal customer to give a second glance on your social media? Or, do you have a website that pops right up and holds their attention? We are all selling something, what causes someone to notice YOU?

7 Questions to Consider When Looking For Ways to Increase Revenue

1. What makes your competitors envious?

2. Can you name three clever adjustments in 2020 that made you stand out?

3. Do you offer anything unique that increases measurable sales?

4. Is your brand consistent across all channels, including at the physical location, website, social media, retail, Google…?

5. How do you find creative ways to engage your customers?

6. Why might someone choose another competing business over yours?

7. What extra efforts do you put in above and beyond to make your community feel appreciated?


Honest Answers

Were any of these questions tough to answer? Maybe some were a little eye-opening in the fact that you didn’t have an answer? That’s ok, too! But, now you have somewhere to start and see where you need to be, in order to get noticed by your customers. Having those honest conversations with your team ensures that everyone is headed toward the same goal. The goal to generate additional revenue, and bring in customers through non-traditional methods.

Competition is the driving force to creativity!

Creativity is a Craft

What makes someone lean in, tilt their head, get a sense of wonder, and say, “tell me more!”? It is the unique promotions, inventive ways to do the usual in unusual ways, and being a pioneer going a different route of similar businesses. Look at the ways other industries do things. Find your competitors and see what they are doing that fuels your fire to do more. Have a true brainstorming session where nothing is off the table and money is no object. The creative ideas are the ones that get noticed!  Ways to reduce costs can always be found, but the true gems are in the ideas. Let them flow without any restrictions. Jot down all the “yeah, rights” and “what ifs” and see what happens. Don’t do it alone either. Ask some friends, the team you have around you, your relatives, and even a stranger. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and often get honest feedback.

You Got This!

While this has probably been the most challenging year of your business’ life and probably yours, getting creative and finding ways to make it work is why you are still here. You might be hanging by a thread, or frustrated that you can’t control outside factors, but people are still buying and customers are to be found. Let’s help them find and fall in love with you! We want to help get you back on track. Let’s get creative together and bring in the money you’ve been looking for!

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