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Showing Your Smile Through a Mask

Showing Your Smile Through a Mask
May 21, 2020 Rebecca
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Don’t Let Your Mask Stop Your Smile

Breaking Down the Smile Barrier

Unless you have dancing eyes, a drama degree, and eyebrows that can speak 2 languages, you probably think your smile isn’t going to be seen while wearing a mask. Let’s breakdown 5 ways to get around that challenge. It is our job to be hospitable after all.

  1. Word Choice
  2. Voice Volume
  3. Body Language
  4. Hand Gestures
  5. A Little Flair

Choose Your Words Carefully

Isn’t that what we were taught by our parents and in school? Well, now is the best time to put it to use. Have a script that you greet guests with. Make them feel welcome and comfortable with your words. While everything else around then has been different, including your new surrounding, be a friendly welcome. Use phrases like, “Nice to see you again!” “So glad you stopped by today!” “We’ve missed you!” “Welcome back!” “Seeing you makes my heart smile!”

What Did You Say?

Saying a louder HELLO! can make all the difference. Remember that your mask makes it so that volume is muted a bit, so turn it up. Make sure the guests can hear you and eye contact is made. Before you might have smiled instead of a smile and hello, so time to get back to good habits.

Dance It Out!

Dancing is a universal language. There is no greater time than now to dance it out in excitement when you see someone. Pick a move and make it your signature groove go-to. Make it fun, quick, and you’ll be remembered as welcoming, fun, quirky, and a good time. Some ideas can be the John Travola in Saturday Night Fever or Pulp Fiction, a quick Macarena, the wavy worm with your arms, a curtsey and head nod, the list is endless. Do whatever makes you feel good! It will make those who come in contact with you feel good too. Something to mask smile about for sure! Imagine if everyone on the staff had a different “signature move” to show off? Add it to social media and why they chose it too, for extra engagement.

Use Your Hands More

Did you know? Using your hands with your words help those who are visual learners. If someone asks where the menu is, toss in a hand gesture to show them the direction to look. By using hands and arms more, you’ll help avoid confusion too. Positive (and negative) reinforcement can be achieved with your hands. Clapping, a thumbs up (or down – don’t recommend!), air high fives, and the good ol’ blade used for directions with an open hand can convey a smile and approval.

A Little Flair

Your mask doesn’t have to be boring! Use it to showcase your favorite sports team, that you love tacos, or cats. It doesn’t matter what it is and is a wonderful conversation starter. If someone else is wearing a mask, ask about it! We don’t have to pretend that we don’t see each others’ masks. Make it unique, like you. Bringing a smile to others, makes for a smile under the mask too.

Just Smile 🙂

When all else fails, just smile under the damn mask. Even if no one sees it. You know you’re smiling and you’re encouraged to wear your favorite lipstick too. Whatever makes you feel good, probably makes others feel good too.

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