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Stepping Stones of Life

Stepping Stones of Life
January 20, 2021 Rebecca
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All Roads Lead to Today

How We Got Here

Do you ever wonder how someone ended up in the career they are in, where a business got their name, and what makes people qualified? A question was recently posted on Twitter and said, “Did your first job matter in the grand scheme of your life. Why or why not?”. My first thought is absolutely! Even if it isn’t related to a college major, in the same field, or even on the same planet.

Everything we have done in life, leads us to where we are today. All those experiences taught discipline, lessons learned, teamwork, how to navigate a corporate ladder, and sometimes how to be humble. How could that not matter? It got me thinking to all my jobs, classes, experiences, and relationships that got me to today. The stepping stones of life, as I like to think of them. Some are smooth, some rough, others are too big or too small, and then you have the ones that are jagged and teach you lessons that hurt.

Here are a few teasers:

– I started college in the pre-email era, so there was no digital media when I started in the workforce. Most knowledge of social media, digital marketing, online ads, etc is self-taught and self-curious until I see a class or course I want to take or explore. #GenXerHere!

– Have credits, certificates, or degrees from 5 different colleges/universities + online to gain knowledge on subjects I want to know more about.

– Taught a college credit class to high school students in a remote village in Alaska in 2019. The course was titled “Village-based Entrepreneurship” through the Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks. Had never been to Alaska, and never taught high school students.

– I knew nothing about wine when I started working at Robert Mondavi Corp and ended up being the East Coast Marketing Manager. And, also now a beer and wine judge.

– On the Leadership Teams for both Pink Boots Society (ladies, and those who identify as female) in the beer industry for the Sacramento Chapter; and Queen of Beer (all female homebrewing competition).

Pink Boots Society Brew Day at Blaker Brewing

– Have designed and influenced wine programs for RFPs requested for national beverage programs for a major wine company and importer. Some included programs designed for their accounts including Ritz Carlton, Landry’s, Marriott Intl, IHG, Aramark, Smith & Wollensky, PF Changs, and many more.

– Received an online certification during a pandemic this year from Florida Atlantic Univ. in Hospitality Management.

– Created a new event in October 2020 since my client didn’t get to hold their original one in April. It was a creative take on the Lincoln Wine Fest (normally 800+ ppl). Instead of it being in town, we created a self-guided driving tour to the 4 wineries and 4 breweries and we sold out at 175 tickets. Pioneered a new way to do a socially-responsible and safe event where businesses were able to sell wine. Tasting was free with the $20 ticket.

How Do These Experiences Link?

Every experience is unique. Each of these stepping stones got us to where we are today. Which ultimately we are a business helping other businesses in creative ways, through adventure, loyalty, trust, and a lot of respect. Our clients are our passion and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to help them with their goals and aspirations. Check back for more details on these unique stories that all led me to me dream…starting Cuvée Marketing. The business started in 2006, but the foundations were being built long before.

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